What Is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

What Is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A little scrape in your brand-new car could make you intend to rip out your hair, won’t it? The paint onto your car has to be shielded so that it looks new most of the time. It isn’t an easy job, given how traffic from India goes. Even if we avert scrapes, it’s usually by way of a hair’s diameter. We can’t expect to be often blessed. Finally, our cars are certain to get paint scratches. How do we prevent this from happening? It is where PPF comes.

Automotive paint protection is now a popular subject among car buyers, especially for new ones. Everybody else would like to maintain their cars glossy.

Paint Protection Film: The Foundation

In the year 1960s, the US Department of Defense had difficulties with all the rotor blades of their helicopters. Foreign objects such as flying shrapnel would frequently hurt the blades. The section hired 3M to build up a transparent, lightweight, protective film due to the happening over and above. The film has been meant to fortify the top, even making it glossy. To their surprise, that the film did exactly the job and also we finally have PPF.

Paint Protection Film For Automotive Usage

The modern-day automotive paint protection film can be just a high-quality thermosoftening plastic urethane film. PPF is used on the top layer of the car’s paint and also is transparent or coloured. Its properties are self-healing. It is true! Your car’s lamination can mend itself when it has scraped up. The laminate is created out of an elastomeric polymeric substance that helps keep its shape once stretched; hence, the PPF can self-heal the minor stretches!

Popular Paint Protection Films

Moto Glanz manufactured this PPF for automotive paint protection. But now brands such as SunTek and XPEL have generated their very own versions of the same. There are varieties of paint protection films.

Paint Protection Film: Could I DIY?

Do not ever think you may apply PPF in your car at home. Trust us when we say it’s no DIY job. Get an expert to affix PPF in your car. Some automotive paint protection experts are also plastic wrappers.

Features of Paint Protection Film

A fantastic quality PPF is used because a car lamination may endure up to 12 years. The high-quality paint protection films could get car paint protection is a piece of cake. PPF can secure your car from slight scratches and stone chips. This miracle car lamination material can leave your car looking new for a very long time.