Graphene Coating

Graphene Coating

So what makes graphene coatings better than ceramic coatings?

Graphene actually reduces heat on the surface of your paint, so that water spotting is much less likely, when compared to ceramic coatings. A major complaint from consumers of ceramic coatings is the water spots left behind. Well if you aren’t driving, those water beads are going to continue to sit on the surface of your paint. Ceramic based coatings actually retain heat, so any water that remains on the surface, will become a durable, mineral loaded water spot. These water spots will etch themselves into the coating, and eventually into your paint that you spent so much money getting polished before your coating.

Ceramic coating installers focus so much on the water beading effect versus the water contact angle of the product they are applying. Beads are great until they dry on the surface.

Because of it’s honeycomb structure and chemical properties, Graphene has a very high water contact angle when compared to most coatings on the market. This means any moisture in any amount will slid off much easier, leaving a very low risk of any water evaporating on the surface and causing water spots. Removing water spots requires chemicals and abrasives that will compromise your ceramic coating, and often the area will need to be re-treated completely.

MG Graphene Kit Includes: 

MG Graphene Coating - 50ml
Applicator Block- 1 piece
Applicator Cloth- 3 piece

Graphene Coating Result
Graphene Coating

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Why MotoGlanz Paint protection film?

Adds extra gloss to your vehicle.
Makes itself protective with self healing ability.
Super hydrophobic. 
Excellent hyperchromicity.
Our PPF is invisible.
Retains your vehicles resale value.
Protects against environmental & chemical damage.
Easy Installation compared to other PPF.
Easy maintenance.

Key Features

Self healing
Anti Yellowing
Up to 12 yrs Warranty
Extra Glossy
Easy to maintain
Easy installation